This tasty book by David P. Johnson is reminiscent of Tim Burton's spooky stories. Designed for adults over about 9, it is a perfect balance of pathos, comedy, songs and fun. Replete with toy characters and wraiths, the fully talented cast is clearly Broadway caliber.

Kathee Starr/NoHo Arts District

This musical production is extremely witty and clever. Rebecca Lane as Sally holds much charisma and appeal. Every element (in this) experience is rich and robust! It plays out as a musical crammed with clever songs as well as a brilliant book!

Rich Borowy - Accessibly-Live!

Mr. Hoffman's soldier is a charming blend of sentiment and stiff upper lip; his movements formal and single-hinged like the toy itself.As a composer Johnson has full command of the musical idiom of horror and his score abounds with whole tone scales and glowering diminished sevenths.

Trevor ThomasEdge/Southwest Editor

I think that Sally Spectre: The Musical has the potential to be a work that could comfortably rub shoulders with other gothic fantasies like Neil Gaiman's Coraline, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, or The Addams Family.

Matt Atchity

The music is sophisticated, complex, and perfectly structured. Stephen Sondheim is lurking about within the bars, beats, and melodies of this delightful libretto. Enticing melodies, sweet harmonies, and clever lyrics make every song a show-stopper. The orchestra is comprised of Johnson at the keyboard, and his musical skills are nothing short of genius. Not one wrong note the entire evening, and it was completely memorized!

Kathee Starr/NoHo Arts Dictrict